Hi there — I LOVE to paint – fast, wet, and in watercolour primarily.  I began creating when I was a little girl – on the farm – smack dab in the middle of rural Ontario, Canada.  I grew up on a 150 year old farm in Prince Edward County – the recently gentrified Prince Edward County… the COUNTY as it is affectionately called is now busting at the seams with wineries, quaint inns and B & B’s – artists, culinary wizards and NOT ME :(

I moved away, as many young folks did – when I was 18 – to the BIG SMOKE – Toronto — went to college there and never moved back – which now is kind of bugging me — you see I belong in the COUNTY – -I AM a COUNTY gal — and I would fit right in… just ask me.   So — as I move through my next adventures you may see me angling for the COUNTY or more likely any similarly wonderful place in this great country.  Which begs the question – why move when I live in one of the most picturesque villages already?…hmmm.

I paint what I love – old stuff (like my sister 😉  – old mills, barns and homesteads and the little treasures that could be found in them… many years ago.  Throw in a few fun and colourful pieces and I am feeling a nice balance.

NEWS FLASH _ I am currently “over” The COUNTY .. HA! there are other COUNTIES — equally interesting ones — beckoning counties – countless counties to be explored.. and I AM on to it!

My more formal Bio  would read something like this ~~

Arlene was born and raised in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario, immersed in the natural beauty of the area and surrounded by her five creative siblings. Her combined love of art, geography and math led her to a 20-year career as a cartographer. During that time her artistic interest was guided by a number of artists through various art schools and societies in Southern Ontario and Northern Manitoba.  From 2002 until 2017 she lived in the historic village of Elora, Ontario. Throughout most of that time, she was the General Manager of the Elora Centre for the Arts.  In 2013 she and her talented husband Chris opened up a Retail Upcycled Furniture business in Salem ON -(a suburb of Elora).  In 2017 they moved to the outskirts of Walters Falls ON.  They built a sweet little passive solar home and a Studio/showroom/shop in which to make and merchandise their wares.  Visit  www.Oldsoul.ca to see more of what they are up to.  Feel free to ask for commissions – check out the rate sheet on the tab above.