Commission Price List

Below is a price and size guideline for creating an original watercolour painting. This does not take into consideration any lengthy travel time to view the subject or client changes after the painting has begun. I will work from your photos or if you like take my own. Keep in mind that the very nature of watercolour paint, while it gives you the freshness and flow that is so appealing it also limits the amount of alteration that can be made.

Image Size    Price       Fits Frame

    5″ x 7″        $ 90.00        8″ x 10″                        

   7″ x 10″      $160.00       11″ x 14″

  10″ x 14″     $250.00       16″ x 20″

  14″ x 18″     $320.00       20″ x 24″

  16″ x 22″     $420.00       24″ x 30″

  16″ x 28″     $540.00       24″ x 36″

Framing costs are not included

Taxes are extra
2016 prices

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or special requests.

Commission - Markdale BnB

Commission – Markdale BnB

Herring Fishery - Bronte ON ~ 1940's  10" x 7"  Watercolour  unframed $160

Herring Fishery – Bronte ON ~ 1940’s 10″ x 7″ Watercolour


Neighbours Farm - Walters Falls

Neighbours Farm – Walters Falls

Cairns Home - Elora ON

Cairns Home – Elora ON

View from the Badley Bridge - Elora

Feed Mill - Walters Falls

Feed Mill – Walters Falls


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